The Best Experience

A non-toxic experience, free from negativity, where players play to be the best, to build, to be creative, and to have fun. It's not a new concept, a non-toxic server isn't revolutionary, but it is what we've all been looking for!

Incredible Community

Players work together to build anything and everything, it's a positive, non-toxic, family-friendly, kind community!

Custom Experience

We are always adding new features to enhance the experience of the Skyblock server!

We Listen

Join today and be a part of the server, forever!

We listen to our users and all of their suggestions because thats what servers should do!

More of Skykingdom's Awesomeness

A small taste of the fun that awaits.

  • Relics, Crates, Kits, Shop, AH and MORE

    Limitless ways to buy, sell, and earn your loot!

  • Custom Maps

    Skykingdom's spawn and all other warps were designed from scratch for the server. Explore new a custom pvp map but be advised, there's dragons about!

  • No Void & Keep Inventory

    Play skyblock without ever losing your stuff, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

  • Strict Rules

    We've disallowed the negative parts of Minecraft, to ensure the experience is enjoyable and isn't negative, including: toxicity, raiding, griefing, stealing, etc

What are you waiting for?

Join our server today!